Hello! My name is Vanessa Fobid, and I am a junior at Mass Academy. I’ve created this website to inform those who are interested about what defines me. This website includes information about my hobbies and background, along with different projects I’ve spent time on in school. You can maneuver around the different aspects of my life using the navigation bar at the top.

About Me


I have moved quite a bit in my life, mostly in the USA, but also in Italy. I was born in the USA when my mom was visiting my aunt, but my first home was in Padova, Italy. When I was three, my parents decided to move us to America. Ever since, I’ve forgotten most of my Italian, although I can still understand a bit. I now live in New England and have visited my family and friends in my old home a few times over the years.

Baby Me


My dad’s side is Cameroonian, while my mom's side is Kenyan. They both left their home countries and studied medicine in Italy, which is where they met. I don’t speak many languages fluently other than English, although I can understand and speak a bit of the languages my family collectively speaks. Some of these include English, Italian, Meta, French, Swahili, and the dialect Pidgin.


I don’t travel much, but when I do it is normally in order to see family. The different countries I have visited are Germany, Kenya, and Cameroon. I have only been to each of these countries once, but was able to stay for an entire summer to spend time with my family there.




I’ve played a few sports, such as swimming, ballet, and soccer, but since high school started I settled down and chose one that I liked, which was volleyball. I first started playing for the freshman team at my school SHS, progressed onto JV my sophomore year, and am now on varsity. While the conditioning required can be difficult, I still enjoy spending my time playing volleyball.



I used to take piano lessons, but stopped after moving. I still sometimes play around with it, but don’t take lessons so I’m not really getting any better, and just play it for fun.

I started playing the viola in my middle school orchestra in fifth grade, and have continued to play even as I switched to Mass Academy, now joining the orchestra at WPI. Throughout the years I have grown to love learning more about music in general. At my sending school, my orchestra teacher taught the class different aspects of music, so we were not only learning about our instruments, but also music theory. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this topic and even explored it outside of school. My application video for MAMS was actually about my love for music!


For the past few summers I have spent most of my time volunteering at a summer enrichment program in my town for grades K-8. Since I started, I’m usually placed in classes with students who are still learning English as a second language. This makes the summer classes not only educational for the students, but for me as well. The kids were always funny and had interesting things to say, so this was always a fun activity I looked forward to during the summer.