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My name is Talia Smith, and I am a student at the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, or Mass Academy. Please explore to learn more about me. Thank you for visiting!

Cherry Blossoms

About Me

Finley Sitting Finley, my Puppy, Outside

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have a brother, Nicholas, who is in ninth grade, and two amazing parents. In addition to our two guinea pigs, named Willow and Fluffy, in September, we also introduced a puppy to the family. His name is Finley, and I love training and playing with him.

Partner Lift with Duo Partner
Performing Onstage with Duo Partner Greendale Dance Academy Website

Outside of school, I like to dance, perform, sing, and travel. I have been on a competitive dance team at Greendale Dance Academy for nine years and I practice for many hours each week. This year, I am taking classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and contemporary, although I experienced other styles in the past. I love to use my passion for dance to serve as as an assistant teacher for recreational classes of younger dancers, as well.

This is a picture of me and my duo partner, Sarah, dancing together onstage at a competition.

Leg Extension with Partner The Hanover Theatre Conservatory Website

I have also enjoyed many performance opportunities at The Hanover Theatre. During the fall, one of my favorite activities is dancing in The Nutcracker. I portrayed various roles over eight years, including dancing en pointe and singing in the choir. It is a significant commitment in rehearsal time, but it is definitely worth it when you feel the rush of excitement of being in front of the audience.

During the summer, I participated in The Hanover Theatre's Youth Summer Program, which is a musical theater intensive in which we put together a full-length musical. We take classes in singing, dancing, and acting at The Hanover Theatre Conservatory for the Performing Arts. I have been involved in Beauty and the Beast, The Music Man, and Spamalot.

This is a picture of me playing Zaneeta Shinn in The Music Man last summer.

View from Balcony of Street in Cuba

Besides the performing arts, I love to travel around the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Some of the places that I have traveled to internationally are Australia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Cuba. This is an image of Cuba that I took from the balcony of El Gran Teatro (Great Theater) in La Habana (Havana), the capital.

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