New Voices 38 Scripts

Title Playwright Description
Who Is This Hurting More Efthymios Loukedes What do you do when the person you love the most is suffering from Alzheimer’s and declining rapidly?
A Lizard Based Affair Mason Kaye and Spencer Francis Wilson recounts his paranoid spiral as he works up the nerve to confront his boyfriend for his infidelity with the mysterious “Blake.”
Think Positive Nada Abojaradeh Amira is getting ready for an event and is currently “pep talking” herself before she joins; she tries her best to think positively but she fails miserably at it.
Emptying the Nest Olivia Lattanzi Have you ever read through old text messages and instantly regretted it? Well, imagine going back in time with your Mom to a night that she never knew about, and one you probably wished to forget. And all for a box of Dixie Cups.
Waiting for the Sun to Set Speros Perakis Trapped in a Lighthouse where the sun never sets.
A Proposal Talia Andrews A man proposes to his surprisingly reluctant girlfriend
Ariadne Unbound Topher Carlson Ariadne disrupts the Fates' plans by taking matters in the labyrinth into her own hands and slaying the Minotaur in Theseus' place.
Soundscape Tricia Smith The government replaces wildlife and nature with technology. What’s more, they’re eliminating all traces of historical accuracy, Big Brother style, replacing information from “Before” with their own corrupt versions.