Drama/Theatre Classes

WPI Drama/Theatre offers a wide range of classes to students to enrich their learning in the arts. Students may enroll in lecture-style classes on a wode variety of theatrical topics. Available classes in Drama/Theatre include:

TH1100: Introduction to Acting

TH1221: Introduction to Drama: Theatre on the Page and on the Stage

EN1222: Shakespeare in the Age of Elizabeth

TH110X: Acting: Contemporary Styles

TH111X: Intoduction to Theatrical Production Design

EN2221: American Drama

TH2222: Introduction to Technical Theatre

EN2226: Infected Shakespeare: Venereal Disease, Madness, Plague

TH2219: Playwriting

EN3222: Forms in World Drama

EN3223: Forms in Modern Drama

TH320X: Scenic Design and Fabrication

For additional information about these courses, see the WPI Course Catalog.

Office Hours

Our staff holds office hours in our D/T office, SL017. Hours are posted on the office door and the staff section of this website should you need more information about any of this. In addition, you may email gr-dtoffice@wpi.edu with any questions.

Drama/Theatre Minor

Drama/Theatre offers a minor for students who wish to continue their studies in Drama/Theatre beyond the Humanities and Arts Requirement without majoring in Drama/Theatre.

The Drama/Theatre minor consists of 2 units of work distributed as follows:

1. Drama/Theatre Courses:

1 1/3 units chosen from among the listed Drama/Theatre classes or any ISU designated TH.

2. Drama/Theatre Performance:

1/3 unit of TH ISUs (at least two 1/6th unit or at least one 1/3rd unit ISU)

3. Drama/Theatre Capstone Experience:

1/3 unit ISU designated as a minor capstone. For this capstone, the student, with faculty guidance, will perform, design, direct, produce or in some way create a Drama/Theatre presentation that demonstrates the student's skill and knowledge.

No more than 1 unit of work for the HQP may be applied to the Drama/Theatre minor. Any student is eligible to pursue the minor in Drama/Theatre except for students majoring in Humanities and Arts with a concentration in Drama/Theatre.

If you plan to complete your minor capstone soon, please apply here and consider attending office hours to check that you are on track to complete your minor!

Drama/Theatre Major

Students have the option to complete a Humanities and Arts Major with a concentration in Drama/Theatre. Six unites of academic work are required for the HUA major as shown in the image.

If you are looking to complete a major in Drama/Theatre, we strongly recommend you attend office hours or set up an appointment with the PLA to discuss how to complete your major.

Academic Projects

In addition to lecture style courses, students can earn class credit for participation in Drama/Theatre affiliated shows. Drama/Theatre also offers the opportunity for students to complete their humanities practicum (HQP) in Theatre. Students may also choose to complete a minor in Drama/Theatre or even a major in Humanities and Arts with a concentration in Drama/Theatre.

To apply for any of these credit or project opportunities, apply here!

ISU Information

Students can earn class credit for participation in Drama/Theatre affiliated shows. Students can choose to apply for a 1/6th credit ISU or a 1/3rd credit ISU.

To receive credit for a 1/6th credit ISU, the student must track 45 hours of work in a technical position or 60 hours of work in an acting position.

To receive credit for a 1/3rd credit ISU, the student must track 90 hours of work in a technical position or 120 hours of work in an acting position. In addition, the student may be asked to submit a short reflection at the conclusion of the production.

To apply for a 1/6th or 1/3rd ISU, apply here!

To track your hours for your 1/6th or 1/3rd ISU, click here!

To register for a 1/3rd ISU, fill out this form and send it to gr-dtoffice@wpi.edu for approval. If you have questions about how to fill this out, email gr-dtoffice@wpi.edu.