Hello, my name is Tarun.

About Me

Tarun Eswar

Hi, my name is Tarun Eswar, and I am from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Currently, I’m a junior at Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science (MAMS). Prior to Mass Academy, I was a student at Chelmsford High School where math and science teams allowed me to establish a foundation in STEM. From there, I was eventually led to MAMS. Though I miss my friends and experiences from my sending school, so far I am enjoying the new style of learning and ready for the new experiences I will find at Mass Academy. In my free time, I enjoy programming and writing.


My family consists of my dad, my mother, my sister, and me. At the present moment, I live with my parents in Chelmsford while my sister studies quantitative economics at Tufts University. My mom is an accountant, and my dad is a businessman. At home, we primarily speak Tamil–a language from Southern India. Though I’ve never formally learned the language, the consistent use of it within my household has allowed me to achieve comprehension and intermediate speaking skills. Additionally, we also travel often, having visited Alberta, Canada; Frankfurt, Germany; and beyond, all in the past year.



patriots game
patriots game

Up until recently, I participated in both soccer and track, competing in various meets and matches. Ultimately, a few injuries ended my participation in both, but I still enjoy running in my free time. As far as spectating, I often attend Patriots games with my father. Ever since I was about three, we’ve attended nearly every home game, and these moments are some of my best memories.

Community Service

Over the past few summers, I volunteered for an organization called Educate to Empower, which is a smaller division of another organization called Building Blocks India. The main goal was to teach underprivileged children living in slums in the rural areas of India; however, the main issue is that most volunteers do not have the ability to travel to India to teach. Therefore, Building Blocks equips children with tablets and other devices required, allowing children and teachers to connect with each other for virtual lessons. So far, I’ve volunteered for around 52 hours and plan to continue teaching. I was able to gain insight into a deeper level of teaching from this experience mainly because most of these children do not understand standard English. This allowed me the opportunity to learn how to tailor my teaching methods to a new audience.