Curriculum Vitae


Buddika Peiris, PhD

Associate Professor of Teaching

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

100 Institute Road

Worcester MA, 01609


Office : Stratton Hall 103

Phone : 508 331 5940

Fax : 508 831 5824




Research Interests:

  • Order Restricted Inference
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Bayesian Statistics

Recent Publications:

  • Peiris, T.B. and Bhattacharya, B., “Order Restricted Inferences in Regression”, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, V 151 C, P.133-150, October 2016, [DOI:10.1016/j.jmva.2016.07.008].
  • Nandram, B. and Peiris, T.B, “Bayesian Analysis of a ROC Curve for Categorical Data Using a Skew-Binormal Model”, Statistics and Its Interface, January , 2018, [DOI:].
  • Wang, S., Kim, S and Peiris, T.B, “An Improved Meta-Analysis Cylindrical-Type Time Series Data with Applications to Forecasting Problem in Environmental Study”, Journal of Applied Statistics, January 2017, [DOI: 10.1080/02664763.2017.1280451].
  • Peiris, T.B and Kim, S., “Restricted Inference in Circular-Linear and Linear-Circular Regression” , Sri Lankan Journal of Applied Statistics, V 17-1 p. 39-49 June 2016, [DOI: 10.4038/sljastats.v17i1.7844].
  • Kim,S., Peiris, T.B., "Meta analysis of regression: a review and new approach with application to linear-circular regression model,",“Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods”, [DOI: 10.1080/03610926.2019.1679183]
  • Shazeeb, M.S., Howes,S., Peiris, T.B.,,Sotak, C.H., and Pins, G.D., "Developing quantitative MRI parameters to characterize host response and tissue ingrowth into collagen scaffolds",“NMR in Biomedicine”, 2019;e4059.