Physics is taught by Ms. Chase, and in the class we learn all content necessary for AP Physics I and AP Physics C. The class is very hands-on and emphasizes experiments, labs, and real-world examples. So far, we have covered kinematics, dynamics, energy, collisions, and circular motion.

Kinematics Lab

Our first lab covered kinematics. We used kinematics equations to determine whether or not a battery-operated car and a cart accelerated. We set up the battery-operated car on the ground and the cart on a ramp. The car was released and traveled at a constant speed. The cart started at rest and accelerated as it traveled down the ramp. My analysis of the lab is linked below:

Collisions Lab

When studying collisions, we conducted an experiment on energy, impulse, and momentum. We attempted to confirm the Impulse-Momentum Theorem. To do this, we let a cart bounce off a thin hoop and a thick hoop. A device attached to the hoop measured the impulse of the cart. We also recreated an elastic collision by attaching magnets to two carts and made them collide. My slideshow on this is listed below: