Saaya Daga

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This is Me!

My first day at Mass Academy

Hello! I'm so glad you're here! It's Saaya and I am currently 16 years old and live in the town of Holden, Massachusetts. I am Indian American and I love growing up in a household that is a mix of both American and Indian values and traditions. I've been lucky enough to travel to India a few times in my life and the memories I have made there are some of the most treasured ones I have. Back in the US, I love spending time with friends, eating blueberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, and skiing. My favorite color varies depending on the day and my favorite animal has always been an elephant. And that's a little bit about me!

My family is made up of me, my mom, my dad, and my two little sisters named Ekaavli and Anjali. Ekaavli, the middle sister, loves playing basketball and soccer. Anjali, the littlest of us, became quite the baker during quarantine. Together, the three of us love cooking with one another and putting on shows for our family. I have been so lucky to grow up in a crazy loud family with lots of cousins by my side. Throughout everything, my family has been incredibly supportive and I am so grateful.

My little sisters and I Family selfie Me and my cousins