Math Modeling

In math class, we complete a variety of challenging math problems and often present their solutions to one another. Though this course is taught by Mr. Regele, there is much emphasis placed on collaboration, especially learning from and teaching one another.


The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) is an international math competition in which participants are tasked with solving a real-world problem through mathematics. For Mass Academy students, this contest occurs over a period of three days during which you and your teammates work toward solving a given problem. My group chose to work on problem A which was about finding an optimal solar battery storage for any home. We chose this problem because we liked the creativity of approaches this problem afforded us.

Epsilon Problem

In order to solve the Epsilon problem, we worked in groups to create a math model that we believed provided the most accurate and feasible solution to this real-world problem. In the Epsilon problem, a school is being expanded to increase the size of its student body, making the incoming class significantly greater than the outgoing class. This ultimately causes a large increase in student population which leads to the need for a greater number of teachers. The problem given was how to fairly hire teachers and distribute them across school subjects.