Computer Science

Computer Science is a year-long course taught by Mrs. Taricco. I did not have any prior experience with computer science when I started at Mass Academy and I have truly enjoyed getting to learn more about this subject. We started off this year learning about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to design our own personal websites. We also learned to code using Java programming language and have written many programs, some of which you can see below. The year culminated with our Apps For Good project.

Line Art

In the line art graphics lab, we wrote code to create the image below entirely through the use of straight lines. The layering of many straight lines gives the illusion of the curved corners in the image. For extra credit, I also coded the same image in the center of the screen in a smaller frame. Through this lab, we learned about the functionality of graphics and iteration.


Bulgarian Solitaire

Through the use of ArrayLists, we were able to model the game of Bulgarian solitaire. In this program, a user enters an input of k and is dealt 1 + 2 + … + k number of cards, a triangular number. These cards are then placed in a random number of piles with a random number of cards per pile. The program then removes one card from each pile and creates a new pile with these removed cards. The game is completed when there are k piles of cards with 1, 2, … , k cards in the piles in some order.


Apps for Good

The organization of family meals is time-consuming and requires significant planing for parents or caretakers of families. Oftentimes, families struggle to find meals that are able to be enjoyed by every member within the family due to constraints such as dietary restrictions. Additionally, many of the meal planning applications currently on the market are all targeted toward the individual rather than families. As such, these applications are unable to combine the dietary restrictions of numerous individuals and optimally suggest recipes for parties greater than one. The objective of our project was to engineer an application that optimally organizes family meals based on various constraints defined by the user. This device was specifically targeted to parents and caretakers of families. Our application, called Homemade, allows users to create numerous profiles that are each associated with dietary restrictions. Our algorithm then filters recipes pulled from a database of AllRecipe recipes to only display recipes that do not contain keywords associated with these dietary restrictions. Our minimum viable product for this application included the ability to create family profiles, filter recipes based on dietary restrictions, and display these recipes. Our application also allows the user to pick a recipe and then view the directions and ingredients needed to make this recipe.