Community Service

For the past 2 years, I have been a volunteer for the Worcester Refugee Assistance Project (WRAP) located in Worcester, Massachusetts. WRAP is an organization that aims to provide daily support and assistance for the refugee population living in Worcester. At WRAP, I worked with the children's group and had the chance to run group activities with the kids. Together, we did everything from making homemade Halloween masks together to reading stories. I learned so much from my time at WRAP, most of all how incredibly lucky I am and the importance of giving back to others.

Yearly, for the past 6 years, a friend and I have run a Christmas drive for the Ascentria Care Alliance also located in Worcester. Ascentria is an organization that provides aid to communities in need, specifically the immigrant, refugee, and low-income population of Worcester. Last year, we were able to buy Christmas gifts for over 40 kids and hope to be able to support even more this year!

Since the beginning of high school, a friend and I have been coaching teams of 3rd and 4th grade girls for our town's local soccer program. We coach both during the fall and spring seasons. I love getting to meet the girls every season and we always have lots of fun together while learning about the game.

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