My family at the beach

Welcome to my about me page! On the right here I have a picture of my family at one of our favorite places, the beach.



One of my favorite things to do is math, of any and all kinds. I enjoy running my mind over different problems, untangling it piece by piece until I find the internal structure of the problem. I enjoy both working on hard problems in my spare time and participating in math competitions as well, because the competitive aspect pushes me to continue working and learning in order to become a better mathematician.

Here are some pictures from the competition ARML, taken at Penn State before the team round. ARML stands for American Regions Mathematics League, and it is a national competition that brings strong competitors from across the country. However, competitors from other countries in North America can compete as well. In fact, we met some people from Montreal at the competition!

At the team round
The competitors

Here is a picture from a lecture series at ARML, the night before the competition.

Presentation in the lecture hall

I was not always one for math or thinking hard about problems. My love for the subject was sparked in seventh grade, when I had the opportunity to participate in an unconventional class that introduced us to research style mathematics. It helped broaden my horizons on what math is and can be, pushing me to rely on logical thinking rather than mindlessly following formulas.


I also love coding, though I still am a novice. My first exposure to this world was when I participated in a hackathon with a friend. Together, along with another friend we met there, we worked an anxiety tracker project. It was incredible! The event introduced me to aspects of computer science that I never knew about, such as hardware, device communication, and all the variety of software that exists. Here a picture of our device:

Our Anxiety Tracker device

Coding also holds a special place in my family. Both my parents work in the technology field, and they are always excited to share their expertise. Thanks to them, I have been able to pick up many different parts, and also gain an appreciation for the computer science world.


I am an active person who has participated in sports all throughout my life. Here are some of my favorites that I participate in:


The water is both my brother and I's second home, so it is only natural that we love swimming. My experience started at the age of two, when my dad would bring me to the pool to splash around. I would have the time of my life in my dad's arms, however his red eyes after every pool session spoke of the horrors my splashing inflicted upon his eyes.

I started swimming competitively since the age of eight at the Boys and Girls Swim Club of Woburn, and later transferred to North Shore Shore Swim Club, where I have been a team member for the past six years. Due to COVID-19 and time issues I am no longer a part of the team, however it has continued to leave a positive impact on me. Swimming on the team made me faster and stronger as a swimmer, but it also taught me perseverance as well as how to be more open and make new friends.


I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, because it is such an incredible art form. I have always loved the mixture of artistry and athleticism in the sport, and it keeps me motivated to dance even when I may be struggling to do a move, or show the facials that I need to portray.

My first official dance classes where when I was in kindergarten, and my mom signed me up for a ballet and tap class. I remember how my mom would always rush to my after-school program to pick me up for class at three o'clock, leaving her work behind just so she could bring me to my class. My parents had this kind of dedication to try and expose me to as much as they could, and looking back I realize how much I have received because of my parents.

I started dancing competitively in fifth grade at Ms. Louise's School of Dance. There I learned about proper technique, and different fancy moves. Watching my teammates and the competitors at competitions inspired me to work hard to become stronger and more flexible so that I could also be an incredible dancer. Sadly, the studio has limited its classes to irish style dances due to COVID-19, so the team no longer exists. However, I continue to dance at home because I simply love it.

Here is a picture of me and my team, as well as a video of us dancing:

Us at a competition, ready to dance soon


I started doing yoga during this time as a way to be mindful, as well as maintain my flexibility from dancing. The more I practiced, the more I fell in love. I ended up waking up early on summer mornings to yoga because I loved how energized I would after doing so! I had my brother try yoga with me, but it never fully caught on with him:

My brother and I in boat pose together


I started biking at around the age of eight when my parents bought me my first bike, a Barbie bike. It was very exciting, and I have many good memories with it, including biking with my brother and learning to bike without training wheels with the help of my neighbhor. For a while I lost touch with it because I was so busy swimming and dancing along with school, but I picked it up last summer. Now, I try to bike everywhere! I love it because it is both good for my body and the environment! It also helped me learn many of the rules of the road before learning to drive, so it was a helpful headstart.


I also picked up sewing recently, when I decided to make masks for organizations to hand out. We have a sewing machine, but before I started using it, it was mostly a tool my dad used to fix up some of my mom's clothes. I had been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time, however the task was so daunting that I always pushed it off for later. But with the help of my dad, I learned the different mechanics of the machine, and was able to sew masks! My new found sewing skills also allowed me to later fix up a jumpsuit, turning it from way too long to just the right size. I love fashion, so I look forward to fixing up my clothes to my desired fit with the machine.

Here are some pictures of the masks I made:

Masks from another view


Baking is another hobby that I started recently. It orginally started with a cellular respiration project for my biology class, when they asked us to do many different food based activities including baking bread. It was not the greatest bread ever, but it sparked my parents's imaginations. However, my interest in baking started a few months later, when I received the book Beard on Bread as a gift. Flipping through the different recipes made me inspired, and a bit hungry as well. At the same time, by mom bought a pound of yeast, and needless to say my baking experience was set to go.

Here are some of the things I made:

Banana Bread
Brioche Rolls

Indian Heritage

My parents are Indians who moved to the US later in life. Therefore, my upbringing includes a lot ideas and concepts from India. For example, I can speak Bengali (a language typically spoken in Eastern India). This allows me to talk with many people in India when I go, allowing me learn to what their life is like and how they think because of the culture in India. Because I grow up in the US, I am heavily influenced by American ideas. However, my parents always expose me to different Indian ideas, giving me a unique perspective of the world.

We have quite a few unique festivals that we celebrate, which originated thousands of years ago. Many are familiar with the festival of Diwali, which is a celebration of light:

My family with a firecracker at Diwali

While it is true that we celebrate it, the part of India that I am from puts more importance on other festivals. Two examples of these are Durga Puja, which is a large celebration during which we celebrate the main female goddess Durga. It is a very important festival, and I have been taking part in dance performances to honor this goddess since I was little.

My family with the goddess Durga

Here are some pictures from my dances:

Backstage with friends
Me dancing
All of us together at the end

One of my favorite festivals is Holi, which is the celebration of color. During this festival, we throw colored powder onto each other! It is always a fun competition between my brother and I to see who can get more color on the other. Unfortunately, I think my brother won in this photo.

Us with our colors