Spanish at Mass Academy is very different compared to Spanish typically taught at public schools. We are in immersion classes, where we are required to speak in Spanish the whole class. This allows us to build fluency in the language, and it also gives a ground on which people from all different levels can collaborate and learn from each other. I am in the advanced section of the Spanish class because I have a lot of Spanish experience from learning Spanish for five years before coming to Mass Academy.

Spanish Meme

This meme was created with a partner for a meme contest. In the contest, people were to create a meme making fun of something funny about MAMS. This meme is translated as follows:

Line 1: When you arrive to physics class right on time

Line 2: But Mr. Ellis does not let you in


This presentation was created during our cooking unit. We were asked to make a recipe from the Hispanic or Latino world. I chose to make Pan Casero, a traditional bread from Costa Rica. I enjoyed making the bread, especially because I was able to use my baking skills for a project!