In physics, we learned about different key concepts including kinematics, forces, and energy. The curriculum closely aligns with the topics covered in the different AP Physics classes, allowing students to also learn the content for AP tests. Students are all taught the same concepts; however they have a choice on whether they would like to do physics with algebra only or physics with calculus. I decided to do the calculus physics, and I greatly enjoy it!

Uber Rocket Problem

The Uber Rocket problem was one of the first major problems that we did in physics. It involved utilizing all our kinematics knowledge to solve a multistep problem. I had a lot of trouble with this problem because I struggled to keep track of all the different numbers, as well as understand the new calculus notation. By persevering through the problem, I gained confidence in my physics abilities and became much more familiar with calculus in physics.

Uber Pulley Problem

The Uber Pulley problem was our second major problem. Because I put in the effort in understanding the concepts for the first problem, I had a much easier time solving and writing up this problem.