Community Service

I have done quite a few community service opportunities, and each one has brought a different perspective. I greatly enjoyed these opportunities, because they allowed me to look beyond the usual hustle and bustle of my daily life and recognize that I am part of a community, which has helped me and I can help it as well.

Assistant Swim Instructor

I worked as an assistant swim instructor at my local recreation center, J. W. Hayden Recreation Center, this last year. There, I helped with the youngest kids's class by working with them through different exercises to build water skills and gain familiarity in the water. It was a wonderful experience working with the preschoolers and kindergarteners, because we got to work together and get to know each other. I also loved sharing my passion, swimming, with them.


This year, I started tutoring middle schoolers in math through the Telegu Association of Greater Boston. This experience forced me to go outside of my comfort zone and learn to build lesson plans and assignments, as well as how to use Zoom from an administrator's perspective. Though it is difficult, it is very rewarding to see the students understand and do problems that were tricky for them before.


I also got involved with EKAM USA, which is an organization based in India that is dedicated to improving the lives of Indian people by providing resources such as clean water, masks, birth control, and many others that would otherwise not be available to them. I am proud to be an EKAM Ambassador, because the organization has such a large positive impact on India. It helps helps me feel more connected to India by being a part of this organization.

Through the organization, I became involved in making masks and plastic disposable gowns for hospital workers.

Here are some pictures of me making gowns:

Cutting out a gown from the plastic
The final product!

And here are some of the masks that I made:

Masks from another view