ECE 3204 - Microelectronic Circuits II

Last Update: 03/08/2023

Course Overview:

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Problem Sets:


Homework and Exam Solutions:

HW1 Solution HW2 Solution Exam1 Solution
HW3 Solution HW4 Solution Exam2 Solution
HW5 Solution HW6 Solution HW7 Solution Exam3 Solution
Kyle Mitard Q on HW2 03/29/2022

Lab Investigations:

Lab Notebook Check-Off Lab1: Peak-to-Peak Measurement Caution Lab1: Rise Time Measurement Tips Lab6: Automatic Gain Control

Lab Videos:

Power Supply Setup Scope Setup Lab1 Breadboard Setup
Lab1:L1.1-L1.6 Lab1:L2.1-L2.5 Lab1:L2.6
Lab1:L2.6 Measurements Lab1:L2.7 Lab1:L2.9
Lab1:L3.1 - L3.7 Lab1:L4.1 Measurements Lab1:L5.1 Photodiode Amplifier
Lab2:L1.1 - L3.4 Lab2:L4.1 - L4.5
Lab3:L1.1 - L1.3 Lab3:L2.1 Lab3:L3.1 - L3.3
Prelab4 MOSFET Models Lab4:L1.1 - L1.3 Lab4:L2.1
Lab4:L3.1 - L3.3 Lab4:L4.1 - L4.3
Lab5:L1 Lab5:L2 Lab5:L2.1 Measurements
Lab5:L3.1-3.2 Lab5:L3.1 Measurements Lab5:L3.3-3.4
Lab6:L1 Lab6:L2 Lab6:L3
Lab6:L3 AGC Simulation Lab6:Measurements L3.4-3.7

Simulation Videos:

How to Access Multisim
RC Low-Pass Filter Frequency Response
Simulation Help Lab3

Lecture Notes:

Lec1: Introduction to the Operational Amplifier
Lec2: The Ideal Op-Amp Video Lecture 2
Lec3: Op-Amp Circuit Configurations General Amplifier Model
Lec4: Signals Review Complex Number Review Video
Time Domain vs. Phasor Analysis
Lec5: Op-Amp Frequency Response Bandwidth vs. Risetime RC LPF Frequency Response
Lec6: Op-Amp DC Errors Input Offset Voltage Input Bias Currents
Lec7A: Slew Rate Limitation Lec7B: Op-Amp Integrator More on Slew Rate
Lec8A: Active Low-Pass Filter or Integrator Lec8B: Step Response LPF and Integrator Summary
Question by Joshua Hollyer 03/24/2022 Single Supply Op-Amp - Minimizing DC Gain
Lec9A: Active High-Pass Filter or Differentiator Lec9B: HPF Response - Laplace Techniques HPF and Differentiator Summary
Lec10A: Useful OpAmp Configurations Lec10B: Three Channel Color Organ Lec10C: Band-Pass Filter Analysis
Lec11: Hysteresis, Schmitt Trigger, Lab3 Prep Schmitt Trigger Review Schmitt Trigger Osc Comparison
Lec12: Prelab3 Topics A Light Beam Transceiver
Lec13: A Digital Audio System Sample & Hold
Lec14: Clock Oscillators LM555 Analysis Handout Discrete 555 Timer Schematic
Breadboard Video Design Challenge 50% Duty-Cycle - Inspired by Kosti Pano 2022
Lec17: Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
Lec18: Butterworth Filter Intro / Lab5 Prep Filter Types Filter Families
Sallen and Key Circuit Lab5 3rd order Butterworth Filter Fourier Series of a Square Wave
Lec19: General Butterworth Filter Design 5th order Butterworth Design Example Sallen-Key Fun
Lec20: Stability Analysis Differentiator Example
Stability Lecture (powerpoint)
Lec21: Sinewave Oscillators BPF Oscillator Wien Bridge Oscillator
Lec22: Stability Analysis Practice
Lec23: Will It Oscillate? Bubba Oscillator Phase Shift Oscillator Analysis(without buffers)
s-Plane Notes Fourier Series of a Square Wave
All Pass Filter Speaker Example


Digital Voice Recorder ADC0820 DAC0800 32kx8 SRAM Dual 4-Bit Counter
DAC Output Filtered Output

Resources & Handouts:

pSpice HW Set 1 example circuit Link to helpful pSpice tutorial from UTA
.cir text file from example

Specification Sheets:

LM741 LTE-302 LTR-516AD
LM348 LM311 MC14007
LF357 74HC163