ECE 2799 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Design

Last Update: 10/20/2023

Course Overview:

Course Description Academic Honesty Policy
Course Information Consequences of Academic Dishonesty at WPI
Course Schedule Gordon Library Site
Link to WPI's Manufacturing Labs in Washburn Shops

B2020 I&E Competition Winner:

Video #1: Dryer Fire

I&E Competing Teams from B2018 - Project Descriptions:

Design Challenge Team 1 - Mira Smart Mirror Team 2 - The Smart Bath Team 3 - Gun Guardian Team 9 - Sleep and Sound Team 11 - Smart Doorbell Team 13 - Modular Smart Blinds


HW1 HW2 HW3 HW4 HW5 HW6 Writing Tips

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HW1a HW2 HW3 HW4 HW5 HW6a ROI Example
HW1b HW6b Exam2 Solution

Grading Criteria:

Course Grading Policy Report Grading Rubric Functionality Testing Rubric I&E Judging Criteria

Design Review Guidelines:

Design Review #1 Design Review #2 Final Presentation

How to Design a PCB:

Video #1 Video #2 Video #3


1) Intro
Background Survey
2) Project Kick-Off
Project Teams!
Design Challenge Revealed!
The Deep Dive - IDEO
Gordon Library Site
Library - Karen Coghlan Presentation
3) Design Process
Engineering Design Process
Ideo - Innovative Design Company
David Kelly - Creative Confidence
"Empathy on the Edge" by Ideo
4) Notebooks
Engineering Notebooks - Bitar
Bell Notebook Page
5) Abstraction and Synthesis
Part I
Part II
6) Value Analysis
Value Analysis - Prof. Bhada
Value Creation - Prof. Len Polizzotto
Value Analysis - Prof. Bitar
Example Spreadsheet
Microcontroller Selection Example
7) Teamwork and Group Dynamics
Team Dynamics - Ms. Anne Ogilvie
Psychological Safety Video
Overview of DiSC - Ms. Anne Ogilvie
DiSC Leadership Styles in Depth - Ms. Anne Ogilvie
Developing a Team Contract
B2003 Examples
B2008 Examples
8) Project Managment
Project Management - Prof. Bhada
Project Management - Prof. Bitar
Gantt Chart (excel)
MS Project Ex1 / MS Project Ex2
9) Analysis & Evaluation
Part I
Part II
Prof. Michalson Example
10) Input Sensors & Preconditioning
Senor Interface Techniques 2016D
Thermistor Selection
Thermistor Characteristics
HP Temperature Measurement
PIR Detector - Prof. O'Rourke
11) Output Actuators & Drive Techniques
Output Actuators & Drive Techniques
System Outputs - An Output Display
Power Switching Techniques
12) Analog Processing
Analog Processing
Op-Amp Selection
13) Digital Processing
Digital Processing Prof. Maqsood
Digital Processing
Prof. Michalson Lecture
14) Battery & Power Supply Considerations
Prof. Mazumder - Battery and Power Supply Considerations
Prof. Mazumder - Thermal Considerations
Bitar Lecture
Michalson - DC Power Supplies
Thompson - DC-DC Converters
Thompson - Thermal Circuit Modeling
Bitar - Thermal EXAMPLE
15) Control Documents
Heart Pulse Indicator
Example Schematic
Example Parts List / Order Form
Arduino Examples
16) Component Selection & Specifications
Component Selection - Prof. Mazumder
Component Selection
Thermistor Voltage Regulator 1
OpAmp Voltage Regulator 2
LED1 Transistor BJT
LED2 Transistor MOSFET
17) Using Simulation Effectively
Multisim Tutorial
Multisim Sample Circuits
Single Supply OpAmp Simulation
Single Supply OpAmp Example
18) Prototyping
Prototyping Techniques - Prof. O'Rourke
Prototyping Techniques - Prof. Bitar
Soldering Surface Mount Packages (Thank you Mr. Appleyard!)
PCB Layout - Prof. Bitar
Makerspace Resources - Mitra Anand
Rapid Prototyping - Prof. Erica Stults
Rapid Prototyping Guidelines
19) Safety
Electrical Safety (ppt)
Electrical Safety (pdf)
Charles Dalziel
20) Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Strategies
21) ROI
Return on Investment (ROI) - Prof. Bhada
Return On Investment (ROI) - Prof. Mazumder / Prof. Bitar
Return On Investment - Prof. Michalson
Break-Even Calculations
22) Intellectual Property
"Protect Your Ideas",Mr. Todd Keiller, Director - Office of Technology Commercialization
WPI Invention Disclosure
Protecting Your Intellectual Property - Prof. Michalson
23) Product Development
Product Development - Mr. Cory von Wallenstein, CTO, DYN, Inc.
Product to Market - Mr. Bob Barton, President, PowerSURE Corporation
Who is Your Real Customer? - Mr. Bob Waite, Entrepreneur
24) Reliability
Reliability & Maintainability Engineering - Mr. Bob Brown - WPI
25) Standards
Standards vs. Regulations - Mr. Philip Cordeiro
Standards, Regulations and Liability - Prof. Rick Vaz
NIST Guide to Electrical & Electronic Equipment Compliance
26) Ethics
Engineering Ethics
IEEE Code of Ethics
27) Systems Thinking / Systems Engineering
Systems Thinking in Engineering and Design - Prof. Jamie Monat
28) Other