ECE 2201 - Microelectronic Circuits I

Last Update: 08/30/2023

Course Overview:

Course Description Lab Information *Sample Notebook Page
Course Information Lab Report Format *Sample Lab Report
Course Schedule Lab Grading Criteria *Who's Notebook?
Help Sessions Lab Strategy
Academic Honesty Policy
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Problem Sets:


Homework and Exam Solutions:

HW1 Solution HW3 Solution HW5 Solution
HW2 Solution HW4 Solution HW6 Solution
Exam1 Solution Exam2 Solution Exam3 Solution

Lab Investigations:

LAB1 Video (Curve Tracer) LAB5A Video (MOSFET Amplifier)
Diode V-I Characteristic - Multisim Example
LAB2 Video(Prelab2 Simulations) LAB5B
LAB3 Video(Prelab3 Simulations) LAB6
LAB4A Video (CMOS Inverter) LAB7x (audio amp)Filter Review
LAB4B Prelab7 Partial Calculations
Lab Notebook Check-Off
Diode V-I Characteristic
How to Find Diode Parameters IS & n
How to Find MOSFET Parameters Vt & Kn'(W/L)

Lecture Notes:

LEC 01 - Semiconductor Intro / Periodic Table LEC 13a - CMOS Logic Inverter Video
LEC 02 - The PN Junction LEC 13b - CMOS Logic Gates Video
LEC 03 - Diode V-I Characteristic LEC 14 - Pulse-Width-Modulation(PWM)
LEC 04 - Diode Signal Processing (Prelab4) LEC 15 - MOSFET Amplifier
LEC 04 - Lab1 Follow-Up
LEC 05 - Homework-1 Examples LEC 16 - MOSFET Models / Example
LEC 06 - Diode Applications / DC Power Supply LEC 17 - BJT Introduction
LEC 07 - Lab1 Report Info / Lab2 Prep Video LEC 18 - BJT V-I Characteristic / Models / Exam2 Review
LEC 08 - Lab2 Follow-Up Video LEC 19 - BJT Common Emitter (CE) Amplifier
LEC 09 - Homework-2 Prep Video LEC 20 - Voltage Divider Bias & Capacitive Coupling Extra
LEC 10 - MOSFET Intro Video MOSFET Physical Structure LEC 21 - Lab6 Follow-up/BJT Small-Signal Model
LEC 11 - MOSFET Eqs./Turn-On Resistance Video LEC 22 - Voltage Gain Amp Topology / Multi-Stage Amps
LEC 12 - NMOS Logic Inv. / Propagation Delays Video LEC 23 - Negative Feedback / Differential Pair

Some of My Favorite YouTube Videos

Steve Mould - Why hitting crystals makes electricity
Steve Mould - How a quartz watch works - its heart beats 32,768 times a second
Steve Mould - How diodes, LEDs and solar panels work
Steve Mould - Why all solar panels are secretly LEDs (and all LEDs are secretly solar panels)
Transistorized! History of the Transistor
Spark of Genius: The Story of John Bardeen at the University of Illinois
AT&T Archives: Dr. Walter Brattain on Semiconductor Physics
Harold S. Black and the Invention of the Negative Feedback Amplifier

Camtasia Videos

Diode V-I Characteristic - Multisim Example
Half-Wave Rectifier - HW2
Diode Characteristic - Plotting With Excel - (Part 1) Diode Characteristic - Plotting With Excel - (Part 2)
MOSFET V-I Characteristics MOSFET Supplement
Lecture MOSFET Transconductance and Models
BJT Common Emitter (CE) Amplifier - Frequency Response How to Find the Average of a Time Varying Signal
Multisim DC Analysis Multisim Transient Analysis
Multisim AC Analysis Plotting Frequency Response in Multisim
Dexuan Tang Video Dexuan Tang Pic

Resources & Handouts:

The P-N Junction Diode BJT CE Amp w/ Base Bias
The Diode Equation BJT CE Amp w/ Voltage Divider Bias & Re
Diode V-I Characteristic BJT CE Amp w/ Emitter Bypass Cap
Iteration Example BJT CC (Emitter Follower) Amp
Diode Model Comparison BJT CB Amp
MOSFET Equations MOSFET Physical Structure
Limiting/Clipping/Clamping Circuits Dual Power Supply

Specification Sheets:

1N4001 MC14007 LM741 Schematic
1N4001 Catalog Page BS170 IRF530 , IRFZ44
1N751A , 1N5231B 2N3904 / 2N3906 TIP 31 & TIP32
LM7805 VREG Fairchild Cellphone Charger IC TI LM7805 (Thanks Sage A2022!)