Advanced Spanish

Language at Mass Academy is taught by Mrs. Wildfong, and the class is fully immersive. Emphasis is placed on applying the language to real world scenarios through a variety of methods such as listening to music, film projects, and quarterly pronunciation practice. In addition, we are expected to maintain a vocabulary journal throughout each term in which we record new words we encounter on a daily basis.

Listening Logs

Throughout the year, we are expected to watch or listen to Spanish for 40 minutes and record a brief description in our listening logs. For much of B Term, I chose to watch the Netflix series "Casa de Papel," for which descriptions on a per-episode basis can be found in my listening log below.

Cuento de Niñez

Cuento de Niñez is an assignment in which we were tasked with writing about a particularly memorable event from our childhood entirely in Spanish. This challenged us with using a newly learned language to describe with detail a memory from the distant past, which I certainly found to be difficult.