Physics at Mass Academy is taught by Mr. Ellis. The course covers various topics involving both Algebra and Calculus with an emphasis on following the correct process in arriving at an answer and communicating that process in a neat and effective manner. In addition, this course prepares us for the AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C exam based on which track the student chooses to follow.

Uber Rocket

Uber problems challenge us to apply the concepts learned in class towards multi-stage scenarios. In this particular problem, we were tasked with applying kinematics and projectile motion to solve for the total time the rocket spends in the air.

Penny Drop

In the Penny Drop Lab, we experimented with dropping a penny from varying heights and measuring the time required to reach the ground. Using these datapoints, we derived a curve of best fit, using which the expected acceleration value could be calculated. This value was compared with the theoretical acceleration of gravity to find the effectiveness of our model and data collection process.