Math Modeling

Mathematics at Mass Academy is taught by Mr. Regele, and like many other classes at MAMS this course challenges us to think critically through a variety of math modeling problems with no obvious solution. This challenges us to evaluate multiple approaches to a single problem and determine the most accurate model to fit a particular scenario. Additionally, there is an emphasis on effectively communicating our solution to problems through individual and group presentations.


HiMCM is a high school mathematical modeling competition that introduces students to solving real-world modeling problems using the skills they learn in school and present that solution in a paper. For this year's challenge, my group chose the problem in which we were tasked with designing the optimal energy storage system given an array of different batteries with varying specifications. We chose this problem because we felt that our group's software development skills could be utilized more effectively with this challenge.


The Epsilon School of Mathematics problem introduces us to a real-world scenario where the school undergoes a population increase. In this case, we are tasked with finding the optimal way to hire new faculty to accommodate the larger student body.