3D Printing

After I received my first 3D printer in seventh grade, I knew immediately that I would love the technology. I can make whatever I want, whenever I want, on my desk - it is the ultimate prototyping machine. Now, I am experienced in CAD with Fusion 360 and am learning Solidworks (so many new keyboard shortcuts!), and my personal 3D Printer is the Flashforge Creator Pro. The video to the left is a time lapse of a 3D print I made a while ago.

Photography Pic - Jetty


I took a photography class in ninth grade and greatly enjoyed it - I learned how to take photographs paying attention to composition, color, and lighting. Most of my pictures were taken on Cape Cod, where the incredible landscape certainly helps the shots!

Robotics Pic


I have been on robotics teams for years, from First LEGO League to FTC to this year's Team 190 FRC competition.

Model Rocketry

I enjoy model rocketry as well - SpaceX still has smoother landings, though.