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About Me

Hello! I am Stephen Cooley, and I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. I am from Wilbraham, MA, but went to Deerfield Academy before I came here. I have always been interested in STEM - I grew up making things with LEGO, which served both as my introduction to engineering and computer science. Mass Academy offers me a fantastic opportunity to further my interest in STEM through projects ranging from this website to the annual STEM fair. I also have a bunch of hobbies - I love robotics, 3D printing, photography, and model rocketry, and I put these to use in the many projects I have done over the years.

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I live with my Mom, Dad, my brother Ryan, and our rascal of a dog Catie. We all look forward to our annual visit to Cape Cod - there are quite a few pictures from our trips.

Family Jumping on Beach

This was taken this past July at Marconi Beach in Welfleet, MA.

Catie in the Yard

This is Catie. She is very cute until she is barking at two in the morning. Or munching on a flash drive full of important files.

Application Video

To get to know me a little better, you can watch my application video from when I applied to Mass Academy. We had to make a video less than four minutes long detailing some aspect about our lives, especially what we did during the pandemic. I discussed my project designing and 3D printing PPE for first responders and a nearby school.

Mass Academy students complete 50 hours of community service in Junior and Senior year. Much of my community service took place at Abby Kelly Foster Charter School in Worcester. I taught Scratch to third graders every Tuesday after school for most of the year. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to inspire a new generation of students in a topic I am passionate about.

Community Service