French Page

Advanced French at Mass Academy is an immersive course in learning the cultures and language of French-speaking countries. Students develop their proficiency in French through watching films, listening to songs, and reading books in French.

To explore the cultures of the french-speaking world, we were assigned to cook or bake a dish from a french-speaking country using a french recipe. I chose to bake Socca, a type of bread that is made of chickpea flour. I only had five ingredients for this recipe (water, salt, pepper, chickpea flour, and olive oil), and it only took 15 minutes of work with 3o minutes of waiting. In order to make the Socca batter, I first combined all of the ingredients except the water. Then, I slowly incorporated the water into the batter and mixed it until there was no texture. Then I waited for 30 minutes, preheated the oven, and baked the bread until it was golden-brown. This presentation shows the process of baking Socca and its ingredients in further depth. At the end of the presentations, we were assigned to state any changes we would make to the process if we had more time. I said I would add more flavor and cook another dish to eat with the Socca. This Socca recipe is a great gluten-free alternative to bread and helps you appreciate this French cultural food.

While we watched and read the French version of Beauty and the Beast in class, we were also asked to create our own fairy tale in French. While there were general requirements for our stories, such as a moral and a clear plot, we had complete control over what we wrote about. I wrote my tale about a girl, Nicolette, who does not talk to her parents because she is too occupied with school work and tired. When Nicolette falls asleep, she opens her eyes and sees the Great Pyramids. Nicolette discovers that she has the power to travel the world in her dream and visits everywhere she wants. However, when she wants to go home, an evil fairy appears and attempts to stop her. With her effort and willpower, Nicolette returns home. She goes downstairs to hug her parents because she now understands that she values them more than anything.