Design Build Institute of America

DBIA Membership

The Design-Build Institute of America Worcester Polytechnic Institute Student Chapter



This document is the Constitution of the DBIA Student Chapter of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It is the definition of DBIA-WPI and provides a general statement of its purposes.

Article I Organization


A.Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be "The Design-Build Institute of America, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Chapter." The abbreviated name shall be "DBIA- WPI."


B.Constitution Objective and Purpose

The DBIA-WPI Student Chapter is dedicated to promoting widespread and successful utilization of the design-build project delivery method in shaping the built environment. To accomplish this goal, the DBIA-WPI Student Chapter is committed to fostering interdisciplinary education and communication relative to integrated facilities delivery.

This goal will be facilitated through active participation of Student Chapter members and:

The DBIA-WPI Student Chapter will develop a strong working partnership between students and industry professionals regarding the education and research objectives required for the continued growth and excellence of design-build.




Article II Membership

A.Chapter Members

Membership shall be limited to full-time undergraduate or graduate students from any and all related disciplines, interested in the advancement of integrated facilities delivery.

A minimum of twelve (12) students is required to form a student chapter.

Student Chapter members may participate in general elections and attend general meetings. If any member abuses their membership, they may be suspended.

B.Chapter Officers

Chapter officers will consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President of Student Activities elected by a majority vote. Any active member is eligible for nomination. In addition, the chapter must have a Faculty Advisor and may have a Faculty Co-Advisor. The responsibilities of each are outlined in the Student Chapter Program.

Article III Amendments


Amendments may originate by Chapter Officers or through petition in writing by at least three active members of the chapter.

Proposed amendments must be conspicuously posted for a period of two weeks before voting and such voting must occur within six weeks of initiation of the proposal.

Amendments may be voted for by Chapter Officers and then by members-at-large in order to be approved and added to this Constitution.

All members of DBIA-WPI are eligible voters in an amendment vote.

Article IV Bylaws

Chapter officers shall enact Bylaws to implement this Constitution.

Article V DBIA Policy

The Student Chapter shall be solely responsible for operating the Chapter in compliance with policies and procedures established by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. DBIA shall not be held responsible for the collection, disbursement or reporting of Student Chapter funds to its host University.



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DBIA Director,

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