Design Build Institute of America

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The Design-Build Institute of America – Worcester Polytechnic Institute Student Chapter


This document describes the bylaws of the DBIA-WPI Student Chapter. It is to provide a framework for the management of the Chapter, which will remain consistent from one academic year to the next. These bylaws may be changed or amended as provided for below

Article I – Proposed Roles and Responsibilities

A.Role of the Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor:

The Faculty Co-Advisor:

B.Role of Chapter President

The Chapter President:

C.Role of the Chapter Secretary

The chapter Secretary:

D.Role of the Chapter Treasurer

The Chapter Treasurer:

E.Role of the Vice President of Student Activities

The Vice President of Students Activities:

Article II – Chapter Meetings

Meetings of the DBIA-WPI shall be open to all members of the Chapter. Postings for upcoming meetings must be conspicuously posted for a period of one week prior to the meeting.

A.General Meetings

General meetings shall be held once monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. The general business, voting, and correspondence of the Chapter shall take place at these meetings.

B.Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Chapter may be called to consider a special item or items of business by the Chapter Officers or by a petition of any three Chapter members.


Article III – Voting Procedures

A quorum exists if the Chapter Officers and 2/3 of the Chapter members are present at a General or Special Meeting. If no quorum exists, no voting can occur. A vote is binding on the DBIA-WPI if a quorum exists and the motion is passed as specified below.

A.Chapter Officers

The term of office for all Chapter Officers positions is one year. No person may hold two Chapter Officer positions simultaneously; no person may hold a single Chapter Officer position for longer than two years.

Nominations for Chapter Officers positions shall be held during the General Meeting of January, with the results of these nominations being reported at the General Meeting of February. Elections for Chapter Officers positions will be held at the General Meeting of February. The March General Meeting shall be a joint meeting of the retiring Council and the Council-elect.

A nominee is elected to a Chapter Officers position by a majority vote of the eligible voters.

In case where an Executive Committee position is filled during the February election or a position is vacated, open nominations shall be held to fill these positions. A formal nomination announcement shall be made at one General Meeting with the election held at the following General Meeting.

B.Operating Budget

The fiscal year for the DBIA-WPI operating budget shall be from May 1 of the current year, to April 30 of the following year. The operating budget for the coming year shall be proposed at the March meeting with voting occurring at the General Meeting of April, pending necessary changes after proposal. The operating budget is passed by a majority vote of the eligible voters.

C.Political Issues and General Legislation

Any votes concerning the DBIA-WPI's political policy or other issues shall be passed by a majority vote of the eligible voters. The Chapter Officers shall decide if a vote on such a matter is necessary.

D.Removal from Chapter Officers Position

An individual in any Chapter Officers position may be impeached at a General Meeting by any members of the Chapter Officers or by petition of a majority of the Chapter members. That individual may then be removed from office at the following General Meeting by a 3/4 vote of the eligible voters.

E.Bylaws & Amendments

Amendments may originate by the Chapter Officers or through petition in writing by at least 3 members of the chapter.

Proposed amendments must be conspicuously posted for a period of two weeks before voting and such voting must occur before the second General Meeting following presentation of the proposal to the Council.

An amendment is adopted by a 2/3 vote of the eligible voters.



Article IV – Open Records

Records and documents of the DBIA-WPI shall be open to inspection by nay member of the Chapter subject to Institute policy.

Article V – Fees

A minimum of twelve (12) students is required to form a student chapter. Dues shall be arranged according to the DBIA rules, payable to the Chapter, c/o the Student Chapter Treasurer.

These fees will be used to support the organizational overhead and activities of the DBIA-WPI, which serve its purpose as stated in the Constitution.




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DBIA Director,

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