Goat Fast Racing

Society of Automotive Engineers
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Who We Are

The Society of Automotive Engineers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been an active collegiate chapter since 1985. Our chapter participates in the Formula SAE collegiate design challeng every year. Currently, we have many active members with a variety of engineering disciplines ranging from freshman to seniors.

Formula SAE challenges students to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars. Teams spend 8-12 months designing, building, and preparing their vehicles for a competition. These cars are judged in a series of static and dynamic events, including technical inspection, cost, presentation, engineering design, solo performance trials and high performance endurance.

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Past Few Years

To see a full team history, dating back to 1985 go to the History Section!




The Prius


The Beast


Little Guy Part 2


Little Guy Part 1


Black Baja


Red Baja


At Michigan International Speedway in 2019, Goat Fast Racing placed 36th out of 120 teams total. Below is points, results, and photos of our individual events!

Dynamic Events

Acceleration : 45.3 / 100

Fuel Economy : 86.9 / 100

Autocross : 47.5 / 125

Endurance : 104.7 / 275

Skidpad : 16.4 / 75

Design Event

55 / 150

Cost & Manufacture Analysis Event

Cost : 58.3 / 100

Brake System: 759.49

Engine & Drivetrain: 3310.63

Frame & Body: 3119.42

Intruments, Wiring & Assembly: 1748.27

Miscellaneous, Safety, Finish and Assembly: 285.68

Steering System: 311.98

Suspension & Shocks: 2410.41

Wheels, Wheel Bearings & Tires: 1688.35

Total: 13634.23

Presentation Event

Total: 62.3 / 75

The Presentation even of the Formula SAE competition is to pitch the race car as part of a wider business to potential investors.

Goat Fast Racing approached the challenge by developing an innovative business plan to allow customers to buy as well as rent the stock formula sae cars the "company" would provide access too.

Fun at Competition

On our way out to competition we also went to Ford for a tour of their facilities from one of our amazing Alumni!


We are a skilled and highly motivated group of students working collaboratively to design and construct a formula style race car. Our students are a range of majors and have widely varied backgrounds.

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Michael Abadjiev

Composites Lead, Shift System Engineer

I'm a Mechanical and Robotics Engineering double major who spends far too much time in the shop. I'm enthusiastic about FSAE and love the opportunity this club provides to get real-world experience building an awesome project.

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Jessica Babcock

Vice President, Machinist

I'm a Mechanical Engineering major getting my BS and MS in 4 years. I love to take on new challenges! I am always thinking of how we can grow and buid the team while spending way to much time machining for the team.

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John Williams

President, MQP Project Manager, Driver

I am a Miata enthusiast and am always willing to do the work necessary to ensure the success of the team.

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Robert Duff

Treasurer, MQP Suspension Lead

I like dogs and spend way to much time designing the frame and suspension.

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Trevor Ninesling

Team Member

I am excited to study abroad in China. I am studying about composites and running thermal analysis on curing composites.

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Alexander Klenk


Team driver and aerospace engineering student in my third year on the team.

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Matthew Langkamp

Team Member

I am a Robotics Engineering student who loves to work on my tractor and truck in my free time. I enjoy engaging in all aspects of the team.

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Jarred Measmer

Business Manager, MQP Engine Specialist

I have a mustang I spend way to much time on.

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Maxwell Pellerin

MQP Machinist

I love to machine parts for the team.

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Our History

Since the start of our team in 1985 we have grown evolved as a team. Starting as a team of 3 we have grown to over 25 members a year. The photos below are from 1986,

Our designs have grown and evolved with technology and we would like to share the hard work previous years have accomplished. Soon this will be an interactive timeline!