Out on a limb


lyrics by Linda McCarthy, music by Rick Quimby


I wanna rock the boat, love in vain

Leave my toys out in the rain

Throw some caution to the wind

Burn a candle at both ends


I wanna have my cake and eat it too

Bite off more than I can chew

Lose my cool and cross the line

Drink some wine before its time



Everybody now and then should step out on a limb

Jump into the deep end of the pool

If only for the fun of it, if only on a whim

Everyone should step out on a limb


I wanna make some waves, bet it all

Burn some bridges, drop the ball

Trust in things that donít exist

Kiss someone Iíve never kissed


Pick a fight with city hall

Walk before I learn to crawl

Prove that I can take a joke

Fix it if it isnít broke




I wanna count my chickens, pull a punch

Take a swim right after lunch

Chase a dream, say too much

Ride the brakes and burn the clutch


I wanna save the world, lose my grip

Push my luck and double dip

Erase the battle lines when drawn

Speak my mind before itís gone