(lyrics by Linda McCarthy, music by Rick Quimby)

I could be staring at a oujia board or turning tarot cards,

looking at the heavens for a sign.

Checking on my horoscope, wishing on a star,

but they donít know whatís in this heart of mine.


I could be ordering some take-out

for the fortune cookie quoteÖ

gazing into some old crystal ball,

dialing up some psychic in the middle of the night,

but they donít know this heart of mine at all.



I will be 92 and holding hands with you

I willÖ.be holding hands with you

I may be over the hill, but God willing, I will still

Be 92 and holding hands with you


I could be plucking off the petals of a daisy in the yard

or clutching to a rabbits foot instead.

I could be gambling in Reno, playing keno or casinoÖ

but they donít know the number in my head.


Iíll bet infinity with you, Iím playing 92 skidoo.

Youíre the 4-leaf clover I have found.

You can toss and you can snore,

it only makes me love you more,

so my heart and I are gonna double-down.




If our memories should wear thin of the things that happened then,

and our brains hang out a sign ďdo not disturbĒ,

Iíve got photographs to prove we were young and in the groove,

thoí the younger folks will find it so absurd.


It donít matter, I donít care

Whereís my cane and rocking chair,

I will gather up a blanket if youíre cold.

Sit beside me on the porch, Iím still carrying a torchÖ

You mean more to me than all the world of gold.

You mean more to me than all the world of gold.