Keel and Anchor

(lyrics by Linda McCarthy, music by Rick Quimby)

There were scooners, small and double-masted

Fore and aft, capturing the wind

Lightly carving through waves and shallow waters

Five centuries have come and gone again



As one boat cuts through a river

Another sails upon a stormy sea.

As keel and anchor shall hold them steady

You can depend on me.


There was a raft upon the Mississippi

Imagination crafted it by Twain

Were it not for rope and rock, those boys would have drifted

Through the dark Missouri rain.




Bridge:  We’ll haul in the sail as the wind starts to rail

     And ride out the tempest as one


We are two ships searching for a harbor

Avoiding shoals and waves that terrify

Tolerating gales that break, leaving history in our wake

Our spirit as our compass and our sky


[Chorus]  (3rd line : Our keel and anchor shall hold us steady)


…On this voyage of your life,

Be the waters calm or strife,

You can depend on me .  (repeat line 3x)