Is this seat taken

(lyrics by Linda McCarthy, music by Rick Quimby)

Is this seat taken? Do you mind if I sit down?

We can talk away the hours…

We’re both heading out of town

You’ve got the window, I don’t mind the aisle –

Is this seat taken? We can pass the time awhile.



Look at all the people here around us,

Blocking out the sounds by plugging in.

Think of all they’re losing

When they could be choosin’

The meeting and the making of a friend.


Is this seat taken? I’ve got family on the coast.

My business keeps me busy,

But my family matters most.

Here’s some pictures, my kids are mostly grown

My wife’s there in the middle

She’s the sweetest love I’ve known.




We’re here already, gee, what happened to the time?

Say, you mentioned you’re a writer,

Could you put me in a rhyme?

You could add a little music, maybe make a song instead.

I could sing it for the grandkids –

I could tell ‘em how I said…


Is this seat taken?   (repeat 2x)