Mathematical Modeling at Mass Academy is taught by Mr. Regele. Over the course of the year, students acquire many critical problem-solving skills by working through complex and challenging problems both in groups and individually. Students have the opportunity to learn how to use a TI-84 calculator, participate in the HiMCM Mathematical Modeling competition, learn the basics of Mathematica, and collaborate with members of their table groups each day in class.

Mathematica is a tool that we utilize often both in and outside of math class. We were first introduced to the software at the beginning of the year with interactive labs and comprehension assignments that walked through some of the key features and basic functions of the commands. As the year progressed, we began to use Mathematica to type up and solve modeling problems. The Hanford Problem was given with the goal of creating a least-squares regression model from the data set. I utilized some of the commands to not only manipulate the data and solve the problem but also to properly format the document.

HiMCM (High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling) is a yearly tradition here at MAMS. It is a Mathematical Modeling competition in which you are split up into a group and select a modeling problem to work on over a period of 72 hours. My group chose to work on the second problem, focusing on the fluctuating water levels of the man-made reservoir; Lake Mead. It was a challenging problem that required insane amounts of trial and error, and lots of teamwork. It was very fun to spend 3 days straight with friends while still being productive. My team wanted to type up the document in an aesthetically pleasing way, so I took on the task of learning the typesetting software; LaTeX. It was challenging but fun to pick up the skills in only around 2 hours. In the end, I believe that we were able to come up with a comprehensive solution to the problem and had a lot of fun bonding as a group.