Apps For Good

Apps For Good is an independent charity which aims to involve and educate more students about CS and IT-related topics. For a majority of the second half of the year, CS class is devoted to Apps For Good and the development of a fully functional app. All students are split up into teams of 3 or 4. Each team must come up with a problem they feel is important to them and create an app which solves the problem. The team may also continue to work on developing their app and also compete in the Congressional App Fair!

Rachel with her poster at the App Fair

My group for Apps For Good included Maya Zheng, Rohan Das, and Liam Morrison. The title of our app is Habbitat (the spelling is intentional), and it functions as a habit tracker and schedule builder. Scroll down to read more!

As Mass Academy students, our group unanimously agreed that procrastination and organization are both things that we all struggle with on a daily basis. We thought back to when we first learned about different organizational methods and noticed that we had not found a fun and engaging planning method.

The goal of our project is to create an app which is able to encourage and teach 11-14 year olds the importance of planning and organization. We believe that introducing children to an effective method to which they respond allows them to be much more prepared for the future. Even if they do not necessarily continue to use the app for the rest of their lives, they are still equipped with knowledge of different organizational methods, which they may emulate on their own.

We created our app entirely in the Godot Engine, which is typically used for creating 2D and 3D games. This posed some unexpected challenges along the way, as many of the necessary functions and capabilities were not easily attainable in Godot. We struggled with finding an effective way to store and clear data and have it reset after a certain period of time. Ultimately, we decided to include a clear-all button rather than a timed clear as it proved to be easier to execute and allows the user to clear items when they feel they are completed.

Our app includes a help menu detailing our app's functionality and some helpful tips. Additionally, we included a Schedule Builder, which allows for the user to input an event within the time range of 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. If the user attempts to schedule an event that overlaps with something they have already inputted, a pop-up window will appear which warns them of the issue and tells them to clear the prior event before adding the new one. The Habit Tracker includes 5 preset habits (chores, homework, water, exercise, and sleep) and a corresponding slider. The user can slide each slider to signify how much of their daily goal they have completed. The data is saved each time you make a change, so a user can continue to add to their prior inputs throughout the day.

Additionally, we included a fun and engaging graphic interface. The home screen is meant to be the living room of a house which a fun character can move around the screen. In the future, we would like to work on adding more customizable graphics, and other room styles for the home screen.