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Hello! My name is Rianna Santra and I’m a high school junior interested in math and computer science.
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Picture of me in front of my sending school

Briefly About Me:

I was born in the wonderful state of Massachusetts in the city of Winchester, and I’ve been living in Tyngsboro, MA, ever since. One of the most interesting things I can say about myself is that my first flight was to London at about six months old. Other than that, I’ve been traveling and having fun with my parents. I went to Central Catholic High School for 9th and 10th grade. I changed schools so that I could challenge myself more, and I really like it here!

My Family and Our Travel Together:

My parents and I love to travel around. Before COVID, we visited many countries, including Italy, France, and Belgium. We visited Italy in the summer of 2018. It was a lot of fun, and every day was action-packed. We visited Pisa and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and I managed to take a great picture that was of me pushing the tower, like some of those influencers. The Amalfi Coast was beautiful and green. It was a nice contrast to the usual brown and beige colors of the Roman Colosseum and Plaza. One of my favorite places was Venice. Other than the strong smell of the fish, the canals were amazing, and the gondola ride through the canals with music was really fun. There were many beautiful archaic buildings on the canals which filled me with awe. We had visited Paris a few years earlier, and a few photos are included below.

Colosseum Pisa Eiffel Tower Venice Arc de Triomphe


I’m also an avid fan of origami. I first got into it when I watched a YouTube channel called Rob's World with some of my friends in 2nd grade, and I still do it from time to time. Most of my origami centers on flowers because flowers are very pretty, and I can use them as decoration. One of my proudest creations was making an origami katana out of construction paper. Below are a few of my other creations.

Origami Origami


Flower photography is one of the most beautiful forms of artistry I’ve ever seen of natural life. I’ve started taking photos of flowers from our gardens mostly because my parents really love making flower gardens during the summertime. When the flowers bloom, they are always very pretty, so to preserve those memories I take pictures and add filters to them. Here are a few of my works this year:

Pink Flowers in a Garden Light Pink Flowers in a Garden Pink Flowers in a Garden


As a junior, I decided to join many different clubs in order to broaden my horizons.

The CAD elective is an afterschool program that teaches us how to use Solidworks in case we'd like to create parts we can make using a 3D printer. It's more like a crash course and we learn how to use the many different tools, such as sketch and filleting. It's different from other 3D software I've used, such as Blendr, which is more artistic based. Solidworks is parametric so there are dimensions. Since I've never done CAD before, this is a great learning opportunity for me!

Math Team is really nice - it is led by many seniors and we are able to do math problems together with classmates. It's a bit like our regular math modeling class, but these problems are dedicated to competitive math problems. We will be participating in many different math competitions, such as NEML, MAML, and AMC12B.