Skiing at Crystal Mountain


All of my family members love to ski, so every winter we take a big vacation to a popular skiing destination. A few of my favorite mountains that I have skied at have been Crystal Mountain in Washington, Whistler in Canada, Beaver Creek in Colorado, and A-Basin in Colorado. Two years ago, we went on a trip to Colorado where we skied at 5 different mountains over the course of 4 days. It was such a cool experience to ski at so many different mountains. One mountain we visited during that time was Beaver Creek in Colorado which I enjoyed a lot because it was not crowded, and at the end of the day, they handed out free cookies. Crystal Mountain is also one of my favorite places to ski because we have friends who have a house on the mountain, and when we ski there, we get to visit them. Some of my favorite mountains on the East coast are Mad River Glen and Bromley in Vermont. My dad grew up skiing in Vermont, so we have spent almost every weekend during the winters skiing. Skiing is one of my favorite activities that provides my family something to do together.



In addition to going on ski trips, my family also likes to spend a week or two going away in the summer. Two summers ago we took a cruise to Cuba which was such an interesting experience. While in Cuba, we took a tour of the city and visited many cool monuments. We also ate a delicious Cuban meal and ended our trip shopping. Seeing Cuba was so interesting because it has been cut off from a lot of modern changes, so it still had many old cars and old architecture.


Another vacation that I enjoyed was going to Alaska. Since climate change is heating up the environment and melting the glaciers, my family wanted to go to Alaska before the glaciers melted. While there, we saw the Mendenhall Glacier, Glacier Bay, and we went snorkeling. In Glacier Bay, we saw part of the glacier fall off which was amazing to watch.


Cape Cod

Our vacation that was supposed to take place this summer got cancelled because of COVID-19, so instead of taking a big trip, we ended spending much of the summer at Cape Cod. My grandmother owns a house a short walk away from the beach, so it was nice to escape Holliston for a little while and stay at the beach. One of the best parts of being home for the summer and having time at the Cape was that I got to learn how to kite-board. My dad had been trying to teach me for a few summers, but I was always so busy. Finally, this summer I had a lot of time to learn, and by the end of the summer I was able to kite-board for the most part on my own.


New York City

At Holliston High School, I played flute in the band. Freshmen year, we went on a band trip to New York City. During the trip, we went to a music workshop, watched a Broadway Show, and went on a boat cruise. On the last day, we had a performance in a theater in New York. The band trip was a lot of fun because everyone is really close and super friendly. We all hung out together, and we talked a lot about music. Even though I was a freshmen, the upperclassmen made sure I was included and encouraged my flute playing. This trip to New York helped me improve my flute playing skills and brought the band closer together. To the left is a picture of the Statue of Liberty which I took while on the boat cruise.