I have only been swimming for Kingfish for two years, and I have already become a better swimmer. Prior to swimming on a club team, I was on a recreational team for most of my life. The team was fun, but I knew that I wanted to become a better swimmer. My first Kingfish practice was extremely difficult, and I ended up sitting out for some of it. After my first practice, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to swim at such an advanced level, but I kept swimming, and the practices eventually became more bearable. Kingfish has taught so much about effort and hardwork, and I owe my coaches so much for making me the swimmer that I am today.

High School Swim Team

My favorite part about high school swimming is the team aspect. Since high school swimming is much more laid back than club swimming, we get more of a chance to have fun at practices and meets and to do activities outside of swim events. We also focus on relays, and sophomore year, I got to be part of a relay that qualified for sectionals. Being a part of the relay was amazing because all the pressure of swimming didn’t just rest with me but with the entire team. In addition to swimming at sectionals, I also qualified for states in the 500 free and 200 free. Parts of my races can be seen in the videos above. I am in the outside lane in both videos. High school swimming is the best experience that I have received from my sending school. I have met so many great people through the program, and it has taught me how to be part of a team. Our coaches during sophomore year wanted the team to be close, so they encouraged us to do team bonding activities. Some of the best excursions we did were bowling and going to Hibachi. I hope to swim again this winter for my sending school's team.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey

In addition to swimming, I also play field hockey for Holliston High School. I started playing field hockey in Middle School. Then freshman year of high school, I made the JV team. I immediately loved everything about the sport. The team did everything together and was very inclusive; the captains always made sure that everyone was included. We did pasta dinners and lots of fun activities together. Our varsity team was amazing and won most of their games. By the end of my freshman season, I knew that I wanted to make varsity. I spent all summer practicing field hockey, and when I showed up for tryouts, I was a new player. After dedicating so much hard work to field hockey, I made varsity and was able to play on a team with such amazing players. We ended up making it to the states tournament, but we lost after the second game. It was such an awesome season, and I was sad to see the seniors leave. I am taking a break from field hockey this year to focus on school and swimming, but I hope to get back into it next year. The picture to the left is of me and some team members at an overnight field hockey camp. Click the image to check out the camps website.