STW stands for science and technical writing and is a class taught by Dr. Crowthers. In this class we focus on our writing and reading skills. We have learned how to read scientific publications and how to write literature reviews.

Mapping Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water Across the United States

Research Plan

Link to research plan

Literature Review

The literature review is an important part of our STEM project because it provides a condensed version of all the research we conducted while planning our projects. My literature review focuses on the different water contaminants and the sources of arsenic contamination. My review provides evidence for the necessity of my project. Below is a pdf of my literature review.

Link to literature review

Project Notes

The project notes are very important for our STEM projects because it is where we add the links to all of our sources. Our project notes is a google document where we can add sources and summarize them to help organize all of our resources. When doing a scientific project, it is important to keep track of sources, and the project notes provide a simple way to do so. My notes can be seen below.

Link to project notes