I took AP physics sophomore year at my sending school, and I thought that I would be bored taking physics again. I was completely incorrect because I now have the chance to understand more difficult concepts that I didn’t understand the first year I took physics. Additionally, Mr. Ellis, my current physics teacher, includes labs in the curriculum to help further our understanding of the physics topics.

Rock and Balloon Lab

This was the first lab that we did, and when I first started working on this lab, I had some trouble using Excel to create the graphs. Eventually, with the help of some of my classmates, I understood how to use Excel and was able to complete the lab. Below is my final product.

Link to rock and balloon lab

Uber Rocket

The uber rocket was a projectile motion problem that we had to split into multiple parts to solve. Each part encompassed different equations and tested us on different physics skills. It was a fun and challenging problem that forced me to go through all of my physics knowledge to find a solution.

Link to uber rocket problem