In my math class, we are given new, challenging problems to solve each day. At first, I struggled with finding a solution to the more difficult, longer problems. As the year has progressed, my ability to find patterns in math problems has improved drastically. Through learning difficult problems, my basic math skills have also grown.


HiMCM is a math modeling contest in which teams of up to four high school students can participate. At MAMS we devoted two days of work to solving one of the two options given. I was placed in a group with three other students. This year the competition was conducted slightly differently because of COVID-19. As a result, I had to connect with my group online the first day, and the second day we met in person. We began working on the problem by choosing option A because we felt that it was more interesting and more of a relevant topic. At first we had some difficulty coming up with a solution, but after much thought, we came up with an idea to start. Based on our idea, we split into different groups and began working on the solution. Together, we were able to solve the problem and create a viable solution. Participating in this competition was a great experience because I got to collaborate with other students to solve a difficult problem. Below is a pdf document of my group's final product.

Link to HiMCM paper

Tetrahedron Volume

One of the first problems that we had to solve this year was finding the volume of a tetrahedron. I was placed in a group with two other students, and we worked together to find a solution for the problem. I had some difficulty with this problem, but I was able to collaborate with my group members to understand how to solve it. We were also able to come up with multiple different ways to get a solution. Below is the presentation that my group put together to present our solution.

Link to tetrahedron presentation