I have always enjoyed reading and writing, but in my past humanities classes, we didn’t study topics that I found very interesting. Now, we are learning about important topics such as diversity. Additionally, our essays are left very open ended, giving us the opportunity to fully express our opinions on readings and topics.

Satirical Analysis

For this humanities essay, we had a variety of prompts to choose from. I decided to analyze both a satire and a research paper that were about climate change. I then compared the two to determine which was most effective in displaying their argument. Overall, I thought that the research paper was most effective. My supporting argument can be seen in the essay attached below.

Link to satirical analysis essay

Nile River Civilization Presentation

This was a group project in which we researched an ancient civilization and then presented it to the class. My group was given the Nile River Civilization to research. We spent several classes reading about our civilization, and then we shared the information with our class. I thought it was very interesting learning about all of the ancient civilizations. Below is my group's presentation.

Link to Nile River Civ presentation