I started French in kindergarten through a French immersion program at my school. My previous French classes had focused on grammar more than speaking and understanding French. This French class, taught by Mme. Wildfong, has offered a great change that has enabled me to grow as a French student. We are expected to do weekly listening journals in which we watch a French video. We are also expected to participate in class. I feel that this French class has enabled my speaking and listening skills to grow tremendously.


For French class, we chose a French meal to cook. I decided to make crepes since they are one of my favorite desserts. The recipe was relatively simple and created a delicious product. After baking the food, I made a presentation, which can be seen below, and showed my food to the class.

Link to baking presentation


Another assignment we had was to create a fairytale. This activity was a lot of fun because it allowed for creativity and improvement with my French grammar and writing skills. My fairytale is about a girl who gets lost in the woods and is saved by a magical deer. A copy of my fairytale can be seen below.

Link to fairytale