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FRC #190
Riley at FRC 190.

I am currently a member of FRC #190 at Mass Academy/WPI. This year's game is called CHARGED UP. The game pieces are cones and inflatable cubes. Even though the competition season is just starting, I participated in off-season competitions, demos, and competed in Savage Soccer. I am super excited to see how the season plays out!

FTC #11723
Riley at FTC #11723

At my sending school, I was on First Tech Challenge #11723, the Gearhounds. On the team, I spent my time working on CAD, designing a gripper arm, creating the notebook, and a lot of other things. I was a nominee for the FIRST Dean’s List and was named captain right before I left for MAMS. Now, at MAMS, I am on the First Robotics Team #190. Switching to FRC has been different, but I am excited to experience the new challenges of larger, more complex robots!