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Physics class is taught by Mrs. Chase. During class we learn new concepts from kinematics to dynamics to momentum to energy. We’ve used dart launchers to practice projectile motion, watched and calculated how a pig could fly, designed our own experiments, and much more. Everyday, we go over the homework, take some notes, and work collaboratively on challenging problems.

Dynamics Lab

In this lab, we were tasked with exploring dynamics in any context of our choosing. My group and I chose to explore the coefficient of friction when an object is being pulled across a surface. As a group, we designed and collected data from our experiment, but we wrote our own reports. For this lab in particular, we were asked to make a one-page lab report. Feel free to read my report to understand the specifics of the experiment.

Quantifying Motion Lab

For the Quantifying Motion Lab, we created and executed our experiment as a group, and then we wrote our own lab reports. In this lab, a battery operated car was compared to a cart. In particular, it explored the relationship that velocity, acceleration, distance, and time has on objects. Feel free to read my report to understand exactly what was completed.