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Humanities class is taught by Ms. Small. The summer before junior year begins, we were assigned to read Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Once we matriculated to Mass Academy, the year started with discussion about the seminal text. Given the text’s complex arguments and differing perspectives, discourse about the text was lively and exciting. Later, we began learning, discussing, and reading about logical fallacies, evolution, the education system, and even secular ancient Egyptian poetry!

Education Essay

The first essay we wrote was about the education system. We were able to choose from a wide variety of prompts, or even make our own. I wrote about how socioeconomic status and wealth affects the quality of education students receive.

Group Writting

Typically, writing an essay is an independent task. However, in Humanities class, we wrote an essay in a small group. This allowed us to discuss not only what argument we wanted to make, but how we would make it. I really enjoyed this assignment because it pushed me to see other writing and organization styles that I can implement into my own writing.