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Bonjour! In French class we are taught through full immersion, which means we only speak French in class. I will save you the trouble of translating this page in its entirety, so all of the descriptions will be written in English. From verbs, to conjugations, to conversation, to readings, to films and film making, French class at MAMS comprises a variety of ways to immerse yourself into the language and the cultures where it is spoken. The class is taught by Madame Wildfong.

Recipe Presentation

One of my favorite assignments in French class was the recipe assignment. When tasked with choosing a French recipe, I chose Boeuf Bourguignon because I wanted a challenge. Cooking it took all day, as I had to prepare the meat, vegetables, and broth. Once I cooked it, I brought it to class the next day for everyone to try. Not only did my peers in French class try it, but also my peers in Spanish tried it at lunch. Then, we had to present the recipe so others could try it at home. I chose to make my presentation humorous because there were many steps and I knew my presentation would be on the longer side. Not only did I learn new French vocabulary, but I also learned how to cook a famous French dish!

Art Presentation

Early in the year, we had to present to the class about a French artist and describe their pieces. The artist I did was Edgar Degas. I chose four of his pieces and explained in french to the entire class about what was going on in each piece all in french. This was a really challenging assignment, especially in the beginning of the year, because we couldn’t put many words on the slides and had to present verbally.