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Computer Science

Computer Science class is taught by Mrs. Taricco. In class, we learn the principles of computer science, create our own website, and produce an app for the Apps For Good project. The year started off with HTML, but we’ve been working in java as of late. Every week, we learn new concepts and apply them in our exercises. We complete labs, which are usually more robust exercises, as well.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

The Sieve of Eratosthenes is an ancient mathematical concept which allows you to find all of the prime numbers for a given range. In this program, we were tasked with creating a program which would return all of the primes in a given range, using the Sieve of Eratosthenes. This was one of the first assignments in which we used loops, so it was really interesting for me to see a real-world mathematical application for using loops.

Bulgarian Solitaire

Despite doing card shuffling in Mathematical Modeling class, Bulgarian Solitaire was a whole new aspect of card shuffling. Given any number of cards that are triangular, arranged into any number of piles, with the number of cards each pile in all of the piles summing to the total number of cards, you can remove one card from each pile to form a new deck. After doing this enough times, the cards will be in piles in ascending order, such that the piles each are one card greater than the pile before it.

Apps for Good

For the second half of the year, we are split up into groups of three or four to work on a group project. The Apps for Good Project is a project based on the Congressional App Challenge. For this project, we must find a need in our community and address it via an online application which we create.

Problem Statement

History is ruled by the extraordinary, not the mundane. For most people, knowing anything about your ancestors is a rarity. Most families don’t know much past great grandparents or even great-great grandparents. While online ancestry repositories solve this problem, it leaves people with even more questions. People want to know who their ancestors really were.


The Hearitage app is an online application which allows you to record stories and anecdotes about your daily life. Audio recordings can be shared between family groups. In the future, we hope to implement sorting abilities that would allow a user to see compiled audio clips of similar topics. As time moves on, future generations will be able to see what the lives of their family was like. This will help people to have a better sense of self and belonging and allow for greater connection across time.


Record audio files and store locally, sort files and have an easy interface, and find similarities between recordings by sifting through files.


Record audio, name audio recordings, create a family group, and share a family group, and listen to recordings.