Course Description:

Advanced Physics is a mathematically demanding physics course which roughly aligns with the AP phsyics program. Class activities include taking notes, solving EOC (End of Chapter) problems, solving and writing up solutions to challenging “Über” problems, and creating and carrying out our own labs. The topics which we cover include Kinematics, Dynamics, Energy, Momentum, and Power, Rotational Motion and Concepts, Electromagnetism, and Sound, Waves, and Simple Harmonic Motion. In addition, students also have the option to choose between an algebra or calculus-based path, preparing them for the AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism exams respectively.


At the end of some units we solve and create a write-up for a challenging problem called an “Über” problem. Students have the option to choose between an algebra and calculus version and while for each the overall problem is the same, the set of numbers each student is given is different. Here is my Über problem write up for the first unit, Kinematics, which involved finding the total flight time for a model rocket:

One of the first major labs which we did to learn how to conduct a lab was a Penny Drop Lab in which we had to calculate the value of acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the Earth by dropping a penny from different heights and recording the time it took to hit the ground. While each group had the same basic task, it was up to each to decide how to drop and time the penny.