Course Description:

MAMS offers two world languages: French and Spanish. Each is taught in an immersion-style class taught entirely in the target language and is divided into Intermediate and Advanced sections based on students’ prior experience. In both students learn the target language through activities such as reading authentic literature (such as Beauty and the Beast and Les Misérables in Advanced French), watching movies, listening to songs, and playing games. All students also complete a vocabulary journal containing any new vocabulary which they have learned and a listening journal documenting media in the target language which they have watched/listened to. Throughout the year, we also work in groups creating original short films entirely in the target language which are displayed at the end of the year at a school-wide film festival.


At the beginning of B Term we were tasked with creating memes about MAMS in the target language. Here are a few of mine:

Near the end of B Term we also each cooked a French recipe or a recipe from a French-speaking country at home, brought it into school for the entire class to eat at a buffet, and then made and presented a slideshow detailing our experiences. I chose to make Ratatouille, a thick vegetable stew which comes from the Provencal region of France.