My Extracurriculars

A Picture of My 9th Grade Science Fair Poster

I have been participating in my school’s Math Team since 5th Grade (except for 6th Grade) and have competed in Math Olympiad, MathCounts, AMC8, AMC10, MAML1, and more.

I was also involved with Science Olympiad from 7th – 10th Grade, competing in 7th, 8th, and 10th Grades and helping to coach a middle school team in 9th Grade and was part of my school’s Quiz Team from 9th-10th Grade, participating in both High School Quiz Show and National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT).

I also participated in Science Fair in 9th Grade and am doing so again currently as part of STEM 1.

At MAMS in addition to Math and Quiz Teams I have also participated in Boardgame Club (where we played games such as Dominion and Clank!), CAD Club (where we learnt the basics of SolidWorks), Arduinos/Creative Engineering & Design (where we learnt how to use Arduinos and had fun taking apart old pieces of technology such as old printers and iPhones), and BioTech (where we conducted several experiments in the field of biotech such as genetically engineering K12 bacteria to become bioluminescint).

Community Service

As part of the Mass Academy Community Service Requirement, throughout my junior year I have completed over 50 hours of community service: