Advanced Spanish
Mrs. Wildfong

About The Class

Spanish at MAMS is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. Spanish here is taught through an immersion class, where all conversation and assignments are entirely in Spanish. This creates an environment where speaking Spanish comes naturally, and it even feels weird to speak in English after class. Some major projects we partake in as a part of this immersive experience include cooking Spanish dishes, creating short films in Spanish, and watching Spanish media for assignments.

Viva Cuba

In class, we watched the Spanish movie "Viva Cuba", which is about two young kids who travel alone across Cuba, due to differences in their parents and their desire to stay together no matter what. The movie ends on a cliffhanger and to finish the movie, we wrote our own ending to the movie in class.

Listening Logs

Outside of class time, twice a week I watch some form of Spanish media for 30 minutes for listening log entries. The media can be anything from TV shows, podcasts, songs, books, or even a conversation with a native speaker. For my listening logs, I watched the shows "La Casa de Papel" and "Narcos" on Netflix. The listening log allows me to hear what conversational Spanish sounds like beyond the classroom and further improve my Spanish skills.